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Most Marvellous Motors at the Maitland Rally

Sid reviews some of the Most Marvellous Motors at the Maitland Rally.

I came away from the 2014 Federal Rally at Maitland thinking how I could reduce the fine cars presented to a personal select few. In reflection, identifying the Best at Bendigo at the 2013 National Rally appeared to be a comparatively easy task.

The first car of my Maitland selection is a 1929 20 HP Saloon from Queensland. Very much a motoring marvel of the period. The car has provided its owner with many joys and tribulations and is a determined Rally attendee.

The second car is listed as a 1948 16 HP Hurricane from our National Capital, Canberra. A recent acquisition, displayed here in gentle rural surroundings suitable to an Armstrong Siddeley car of such an elegant period. To the fortunate owner I dips my lid.

Next came a 1950 18 HP Lancaster from NSW that provides the owner with some individual challenges. In time, this Lancaster with such a definite colour should become a very showy vehicle endearing itself to it's owner. Here's hoping that the partnership will stay together for a very long time. Oh, I think the Hunter Valley Red I have been tippling is starting to effect my judgement!

And here is the piece de resistance presented at Maitland, a 1950 18 HP Hurricane that has recently received the ultimate in Sydney restorations. This car has many secret admirers. The Hurricane in some people's opinion is a car concept that Armstrong Siddeley should really have followed through given the enthusiasm for sports cars in the 1950's.

The 1951 Station Coupe again from New South Wales is a very fine example of a vehicle developed to meet a number of requirements. The country conveyance for town and small post war family needs equipped with short tray for transporting rural supplies and farm use. A frugal time when family resources extended to one vehicle, many Station Coupes and Utilities were literally worked until they died.

The final car I felt deserved to be included in the Most Marvellous Motors at Maitland is this beautiful 1960 Star Sapphire from Canberra. Its supreme elegance matched with a patriotic Union Jack caught my eye. The wind was driving hard as the flag shows - but what a car to dream about!

To all these fortunate, dedicated, proud owners, I raise my glass.

Until my next report.....

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