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ACT Branch Christmas Party & the Terribly British Day

The ACT Branch Christmas Party & the Terribly British Day.

Once again I journeyed by train to meet up with the President, Tony Carter and his delightful wife Tina. As usual, they met me as in the 346 4Lt at Quirindi Railway Station. I needed to be in full spirits for the trip to Canberra on Friday as both the ACT Branch Christmas Party and the Terribly British Day beckoned over the weekend.

Remembering that abstinence is next to Godliness, I was clear headed, ready and eager to start out early next morning.

But shame, shame, Dear Reader when I found out to my utter disappointment that we would be travelling in a modern car! How anyone thinks they can be President of the Armstrong Siddeley Car Club and not convey me in an Armstrong Siddeley is totally beyond me!

I continuously (not so silently) mumbled away as we drove towards Canberra, hoping for some relief from my distress that I may see Sir Robert Woods as we passed through Wellington tootling along in his A/S utility - but even he deserted me. We finally reached the home of Geoff and Doreen Tuckwell where I could tell Geoff exactly what I thought about my non-Armstrong-Siddeley experience. In response, Geoff kindly provided me with a bed right alongside his Hurricane restoration project so I could feel more at ease.

Saturday quickly came and dear Hugh Boulter called in for a chat. We then put on our best gear for the Canberra Christmas Party. Penn came and talked to me about my brakes or was it my radiator hose? The food was wonderful, but the drinks were even more wonderful and I was finally assisted to make my way home to sleep with the Hurricane once again

Sunday bought the Terribly British Day where I saw great examples of cars. I strayed away to enjoy the Morgans, a Jaguar, an odd Rolls, an MG and even a Vanguard. But there is nothing like the business end of an Armstrong Siddeley, where I could gloat over the cockpit of the 236 on display.

Just at the moment of supreme reverie I was whisked off to a handwriting exhibition. Who do these people think I am? In Melbourne it was the Egyptian Exhibition and now here in Canberra I have to go and see a Handwriting Exhibition at the National Library! After making good my escape, I later enjoyed a beautiful evening meal and a few more wines and on arriving home, slept like a log right next to the Hurricane all night.

Monday was a quiet journey back to Quirindi, nibbling on cherries we bought in Boorowa. I'm now getting ready for another trip tomorrow to catch the train back to Sydney to hopefully arrive just in time for the NSW Branch Monthly Meeting (that's if somebody remembers to meet me at Central Station).

Thanks Geoff & Doreen for taking such good care of me.

........Keep watching my Blog for a report on the NSW Branch Christmas function!

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