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Competition results for the category: Against All Odds

CompetitionOwner/DriverCarPositionResulting timeNotes
Concours d'Elegance - 1995 CowraPat Jones18HP Typhoon100:00:00ASxxxx
Concours d'Elegance - 1996 Barossa ValleyAllan Mack30HP100:00:00AS11022
Concours d'Elegance - 1997 CherrabahJason GriceUtility Coupe100:00:00Cxxxxx
Concours d'Elegance - 1999 Mt BeautyLyell Murrell20HP (1929/30)100:00:00
Concours d'Elegance - 2000 SingletonJonathan DalglieshSapphire 346 MK I100:00:00C340421

The Sapphire C340421 was purchased as per the advertisement; "Elegant British Motoring Icon fitted with the popular pre-select gearbox, suitable for daily use".

Driving the car would prove to be an exceptional piece of motoring mastery. The vehicle required a complete overhaul of the brake system, steering geometry setup and fluid replacement to be able to make it to the corner of the local road.

After these improvements were undertaken, the car went on a holiday to the Southern Tablelands. Performing well under the conditions, the car was loaned to others who proceeded to drive the vehicle like it was a two-door sports car. Unfortunately the Elegant British Motoring Icon then required a complete engine rebuild.

This provided the opportunity to attend to areas that had been visited by Mr. Rust and associates. Once areas were cleaned and prepped it was decided that a complete body spray would be necessary and a new colour scheme was chosen. The final two-tone, dark over light became a controversial choice with either a love it or hate it approach from members.

With a full year passing before the car and engine were to meet once again, it was beset with many other trials and tribulations with rear suspension and drive train issues. A lengthy overheating problem was eventually solved and the car is now, finally, an attractive example of Elegant British Motoring.

— Jonathan Dalgliesh

Concours d'Elegance - 2001 MilduraGeoff TuckwellHurricane (1949)100:00:00Cxxxxx
Concours d'Elegance - 2002 JindabyneAllan Mack20HP (1929)100:00:00AS44346
Concours d'Elegance - 2003 BeechworthGraham & Pauline Carson1952 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire Mk 1100:00:00C340014
Concours d'Elegance - 2004 Wagga WaggaGrant Hickey16HO Hurraphoon100:00:00AS165280
Concours d'Elegance - 2005 TanundaJohn & Alison Colebrook1929 Armstrong Siddeley 20 HP100:00:00AS44238
Concours d'Elegance - 2006 InverellAlf & Joan BrittonStar Sapphire (1959)100:00:000xxx
Concours d'Elegance - 2007 CanberraPeter & Ann Mitchell1958 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire Mk 2100:00:00C347593
Concours d'Elegance - 2009 BathurstSelwyn AllenSapphire Mk2 LWB (Hearse - 1958)100:00:00Cxxxx
Concours d'Elegance - 2010 Swan HillGraham Carson1952 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire Mk 1100:00:00C340014
Concours d'Elegance - 2011 ToowoombaJonathan DalglieshSapphire 346 MK I100:00:00C3432893
Concours d'Elegance - 2012 Sapphire CoastPenn Bradly100:00:00
Concours d'Elegance - 2013 BendigoNot Contested1950 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane100:00:00
Concours d'Elegance - 2014 MaitlandJoseph Dalgleish100:00:00
Concours d'Elegance - 2015 Broken HillJonathan Dalgleish10:00:00On the way to the Rally, the right hand front corner of Jonathan's Sapphire had a close encounter with a kangaroo.
Concours d'Elegance - 2018 BeechworthPaul Caro10:00:00
Concours d'Elegance - 2021 RenmarkDoug Smith1933 Armstrong Siddeley 15 HP11AS66709
Concours d'Elegance - 2022 Yarrawonga MulwalaSelwyn Allen1960 Armstrong Siddeley Star Limo11L370059
Concours d'Elegance - 2023 LeetonPaul Heuer1935 Armstrong Siddeley 17HP Std Chassis Sports Saloon11AS68625
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