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The Victorian Branch January Barbeque

The Victorian Branch January Barbeque

The inaugural Victorian Branch January Barbeque and get together was held at the Kevin Bartlett Reserve in Richmond on the evening of Friday January 20th. The Reserve which is located near the Yarra River is well equipped with free gas barbeques, sheltered eating facilities and lots of grassy areas. Dogs were welcome and three of them attended along with two Mark I Sapphires, a Morris Roadster and a good turn up of members in various moderns.

Those present were Sandy & Lori Cameron (and I), Neil Grierson & Margaret Buck, Colin & Margaret Hallam, Steve & Debbie Pratt, John Purcell and Richard & Pauline Tonkin. John Day and Cameron Wright had planned to join us but unforseen events intervened preventing their attendance. Being the "official" photographer for this event I am (of course) not able to be included in the group photo below.

The Sapphires were the Tonkin's 4 light and the Purcell's 6 light. Neil and Margaret arrived in their red 1928 Morris roadster as the completion of their 1947 Typhoon is not quite yet complete.

The weather was unusually overcast and cool for a January evening, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I hope this will be the first of what will become an annual event for the Victorian Branch. My thanks to all those who attended and sucessfully navigated the city's Friday night traffic, particularly the Pratts who live a fair way from Melbourne.

A special thank you to Sandy and Lori who took such good care of me whilst I was in Melbourne. I'm so glad that Cyril didn't become part of Bernie's meal.

Perhaps I had better explain something here for those members who were not in attendance - the three dogs present were the Pratt's Bertie, the Cameron's Cyril and the Tonkin's Tye. There was some significant friction between them in that Bertie wanted to have Cyril (a Miniature schnauzer) for entree and Tye for his main course!

I'm now eargerly looking forward to the Australia Day event in Sydney. I just can't wait to ride in Helen's 236 once again - I just love that car!!

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