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The Armstrong Siddeley Typhoon

Production period1946 to 1949
Number of cars produced1,701
Engine6 cylinder, 1991cc, 16HP
6 cylinder, 2309cc, 18HP
Body styles2-door fixed-head coupe
The Typhoon was produced between 1946 and 1949, with a total production of 1,701 vehicles.

Named after the famous WW2 aircraft, the Typhoon is a luxuriously equipped fixed head coupe powered initially by a 16hp 2 litre 6 cylinder engine .The engine was closely modeled on its prewar counterpart.

The Typhoon is a fixed head version of the Hurricane introduced as a stop gap measure.

Armstrong Siddeleys only other enclosed vehicle at the time was the Lancaster, the bodies for which  were produced by Mulliner Ltd. Because  Mulliner Ltd was unable  to supply bodies sufficiently quickly to satisfy demand, Armstrong Siddeley required a low cost alternative. The Typhoon was constructed by deleting the Hurricane’s folding hood mechanism, and in its place fitting a fabric lined fixed roof.

The car was offered with manual or preselective transmission. Armstrong Siddeley’s policy was one of continual improvement and many changes were implemented during the Typhoon’s three year life.

Some of the major ones were:

  • In April 1949 a 2.3 litre (18hp) engine became available.
  • In late 1949 a new dashboard, a one piece radiator grille, simplified bonnet and fixed engine bay sides (previously these formed part of the bonnet) resulted in a more modern vehicle.

The Typhoon is a charming comfortable car regarded by many as the most attractive of the 16/18HP range.

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