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The Armstrong Siddeley 20 HP

Production period1927 to 1935
Number of cars produced8,847
Engine6 cylinder, 2872cc, 20HP
Body styles(See below)
The 20HP was produced between 1927 and 1935, with a total production of 8,847 vehicles.

When the Long 20HP was introduced in December  1927, it had a 6 cylinder motor of 2,872cc developing 19.8hp and a wheelbase of 10’ 9”. Its speed range in top gear was 5 to 55mph, petrol consumption was 21mpg and the engine consumed one gallon of oil for every 1,500 miles travelled. A number of models were available including the Ascot Open Tourer de Luxe, York Enclosed Limousine, Malvern Saloon Limousine, Maidstone Saloon Laundaulette and Chester Enclosed Laundaulette. Prices ranged from £600 to £825.

The Short 20HP had a wheelbase of 10’, similar track of 4’ 8” and a shorter overall length and was available with it’s own extensive range of body styles including 2/3 Seater, Open Tourer, Special Tourer, Saloon, Fabric Saloon, Special Saloon, Saloon Laundaulette, ¾ Laundaulette and Coupe.

The appearance of these models was enhanced by the use of rich soft colour shades of mole, middle blue, dark blue and maroon. Open cars were trimmed with soft natural grained leather, in the case of closed cars cloth was offered as an alternative. Equipment on the various models included tool box under seat, door pockets, door pulls, interior electric light, lady’s and gentleman’s companions, coat and rug lockers, pile carpet, locker under rear floor boards, sunshine roof, roller blind to rear window and mahogany finished interior woodwork.

In the early 30’s, by which time the engine capacity has risen to 3,190cc, S.C.H.Davis, Sports Editor of The Autocar entered the Monte Carlo Rally in a 20HP and won the Grand Prix d’Honneur and the Concours de Confort. In a similar car, W.F.Bradley, the well known Continental motoring critic, gained full marks for reliability and condition in the International Alpine Trial, the most severe test of reliability, speed and hill climbing ever undertaken in Europe.
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