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The Armstrong Siddeley Whitley

Production period1950 to 1954
Number of cars produced2,582
Engine6 cylinder, 2309cc, 18HP, 75BHP @ 4,200RPM
Body styles4-light & 6-light Saloon
The Whitley was produced between 1949 and 1953, with a total production of 2,582 vehicles.

Named after the famous WWII aircraft, the Whitley is a luxuriously equipped, semi-razor edged saloon powered by an 18 hp, 2.3 litre 6 cylinder engine.  The engine was a development of the 2 litre 16 hp engine, in turn closely modeled on its prewar counterpart.

When released, the Whitley competed with the other saloon available at that time from Armstrong Siddeley -the Lancaster.  However these were very different cars despite being mechanically identical. The Whitley had a much larger boot albeit at the expense of cabin space, and was a sportier looking vehicle.

The car was offered with manual or preselective transmission. Armstrong Siddeley’s policy was one of continual improvement and many changes were implemented during the Whitley’s four year life.

The most significant took place in 1952 when the 6-light body was released. The 4-light body was revised at the same time. In both the 4-light and 6-light bodies more room was available for rear seat passengers. The release of these updated Whitleys corresponded with cessation of production of the Lancaster.

A long wheelbase chassis of 10’2” was produced carrying limousine (122 units) and laundelette (2 units) coachwork.

The Whitley was manufactured in greater numbers than any other 16/18HP vehicle, confirming its broad acceptance by the market.

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