The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club

The Armstrong Siddeley 30 HP

Production period1919 to 1932
Number of cars produced2,270
Engine6 cylinder, 4960cc, 30HP
Body styles(See below)
The 30HP was produced between 1919 and 1932, with a total production of 2,270 vehicles.

Throughout its long production run, the Armstrong Siddeley 30HP remained the flagship of the marque retaining it’s massive, imposing stature.

The engine was the first Armstrong Siddeley to be upgraded to a monoblock with two detachable cylinder heads and later changed to a single detachable cylinder head. It featured large inclined overhead valves with the valve gear completely enclosed and automatically lubricated.

The price of the base chassis in 1926 was £800 with variations being an open tourer deluxe (£1,000), a three-quarter landaulet (£1,350), an enclosed limousine (£1,350) and a Pullman limousine or landaulet (£1,450).

These cars were beautifully finished with the best quality carriage cloth or leather, smokers trays, wide door pockets, folding chairs, old silver fittings, parcels net, silk rope pulls, velvet pile carpets in the rear and inlaid mahogany finish to the interior woodwork and companions.
The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club
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