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The Armstrong Siddeley Long 17 (Standard Chassis)

Production period1935 to 1939
Number of cars produced4,260
Engine6 cylinder, 2394cc, 17HP
Body styles Saloon
Sports Saloon
Atlanta Sports Saloon
The Long 17 (also called Standard Chassis) was produced between 1935 and 1939, with a total production of 4,260 vehicles (which includes the Short 17).

By the mid 1930’s the side valve motors had been developed as far as possible and in the search for performance, an overhead valve 17HP model was produced to replace the 15HP.

The motor had a bore/stroke of 67mm / 114mm giving an engine capacity of 2,394cc producing a quoted power of 60bhp at 3,300rpm giving a maximum speed of 68mph (Autocar). Drive was via a torque tube with radius rods. Petrol consumption was 19mpg. Initially, the gear change pedal was used as a clutch with a centrifugal clutch becoming available in 1937.

In line with current practice, box section side rails were used for the chassis to increase stiffness. The Long 17 had a wheelbase of 9’ 8”.
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