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The Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire

Production period1958 to 1960
Number of cars produced903 saloons
77 limousines
Engine6 cylinder, 3990cc, 165BHP @ 4,250RPM (Saloon)
6 cylinder, 3990cc, 140BHP @ 4,250RPM (Limousine)
Body stylesSaloon and Limousine
The Star Sapphire was produced between 1958 and 1960, with a total production of 903 saloons and 77 limousines.

To regard the Star Sapphire as just a much updated 346 Sapphire is to do it a disservice. Admittedly the chassis frame was based on that of the 346 and the body bore an obvious resemblance to its predecessor yet few panels were carried over. The front of the bonnet was lower and now extended over the radiator grille. The front doors were front hinged. The spats were cut away and there were new rear lights. Internally the car was more luxurious; having front bucket seats, more elaborate door trims, a rear heater and an entirely new dashboard.

The cylinder bore was increased to 97mm, raising the capacity to 4 litres (and in twin carburettor form as fitted to the saloon) power to 165bhp. This marginal increase in power over a similarly equipped twin carburetor 346 Sapphire told only part of the story as the engine produced more torque and at lower engine speed than the 346. Automatic transmission was the only gearbox offered at release. Power steering and power front disc brakes were standard.

The sum of these changes was a silky smooth vehicle capable of a genuine 100mph, with exceptional handling, braking and acceleration.

The limousine was released in 1960 with a single carburetor engine producing 140bhp and manual transmission (automatic was an optional extra).

The Star was a fine vehicle and a fitting conclusion to Armstrong Siddeley vehicle production.

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