The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club

The Armstrong Siddeley 4/14

Production period1923 to 1929
Number of cars produced13,365
Engine4 cylinder, 1852cc, 14HP
Body styles(See below)
The 4/14 was produced between 1923 and 1929, with a total production of 13,365 vehicles.

Over its six year lifepan up to 1929, the 4/14 was the company’s best seller. 1925 saw the introduction of 4 wheel brakes, an increase in the petrol tank capacity from 6 to 8 gallons and an increase in underbody clearance.

There was a huge variety of body styles available and in 1928 you could choose from the:

  • Mendip 2-3 seater tourer with a dicky - “a car that is full of life, boundless energy and amazing stamina…”
  • Cotswold Open Tourer -“a four door, five seater…”
  • Sandown Special Tourer - “the sloping doors of this body not only emphasise its sporting appearance but also possess the practical advantage of simplifying entrance and exit…”
  • Broadway Saloon whose “appearance retains an air of quality and character which its performance in extended service does not belie…”
  • Manston Fabric Saloon 5 seater
  • Lonsdale Saloon - “a body with a little individuality…”
  • Lynton Saloon Landaulette “with the advantages of a closed car in winter and an open car in summer…”
  • Grasmere ¾ Landaulette “a chauffeur driven car with partition and 2 extra folding chairs in the rear…”
  • Curzon Coupe “a smart 2 door hardtop with dicky for an extra two…”
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