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The original 346 Sapphire explored in great depth - a book by Robert Penn Bradly

The Original 346 Sapphire

Explored in Great Depth

The information in this book refers exclusively to the 346 saloon and limousine and it is a must-have for 346 Sapphire owners. Chapters devoted to the history of the marque contain in-depth information. The accompanying CD contains the photos and captions used in the book and complete factory data sheets along with a full listing of all cars by chassis number.

The book is also available in CD format with 418 pages (that also contains the "bonus" material mentioned above).

Author: Bradly, Robert Penn



Formats: Hardcover limited edition (366 pages). Includes CD.

Softcover (366 pages). Includes CD.

Also available as a CD "book".


Reviewed by Hugh Boulter

Penn Bradly first began researching Armstrong Siddeley Motor cars as a young man following his Father's purchase of a 15HP Ruskin bodied Armstrong Siddeley during WW2. Like many young men, whose father's first car became a passion, the die was cast for Penn, with the Armstrong Siddeley being the common theme of Penn's motoring life.

In 1955 whilst an office boy, Penn purchased his first Armstrong Siddeley from a deceased estate. The 12HP Saloon was delivered on the back of a truck with a rotten body and the engine in many pieces. The rebuilding of this car was the catalyst of his practical approach to Armstrong Siddeley restoration. As many readers of the club magazine "The Southern Sphinx" would be aware, Penn is one of the world's foremost authors and acknowledged experts of Armstrong Siddeleys. From about 1956 through to 1972, Penn wrote regularly to Armstrong Siddeley Motors Limited and those allied companies within the Hawker Siddeley Group seeking information and answers to his countless questions. As a result, his resources, knowledge and experience is really quite astonishing. As a single-make Car Club, we are indeed lucky to have a wonderful resource such as Penn, who so willingly makes himself available and generous enough to share his vast knowledge.

Parallelling my first Sapphire, Penn's first Sapphire was also a high mileage 1954 Mk1 6 light. He upgraded to this to A1 condition, essentially completing a rolling restoration. His first full restoration (undertaken in 1965) was of a rare 4-light Sapphire which was subsequently a multi concours winner with many more Sapphires being subsequently restored.

It is with this background that his book "The Original 346 Sapphire Explored in Great Depth" essentially starts. The heading explains the subject of this book without ambiguity, and what it contributes to the history of the Marque and model is nothing short of incredible. Given that this is a topic limited to the 346 Saloon manufactured from 1952 to 1958 and the Limousine manufactured from 1955 to 1959 it would be quite boring to go through the contents page here as there are 34 chapters in all, going into unparalleled detail on each aspect of the motorcar.

The book has 366 published pages with a complimentary CD which provides over 7,700 lines of data. The very handsome hard back limited edition is $115 including the Factory Data CD and is the edition I chose to purchase. It is also available in a soft back edition including the Factory Data CD for $89.50 or as a Book edition of the CD including the Factory Data all in one for $57.50.

In respect to the easy to use interactive CD which comes with the book, it contains the photo gallery and captions from the book and importantly the factory data sheets for each and every 346 manufactured. There is no doubt that if you wish to undertake the restoration on a 346 Sapphire, this is the place to start. If nothing, the photo gallery alone is worth the price of the book.

 I am very pleased to commend this book to you. It would make a perfect gift for any Armstrong Siddeley Enthusiast.

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