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Pre-war Passion

Welcome to the Pre-war Passion page
- designed for enthusiasts of  pre-war Armstrong Siddeleys

In 2011 the ASCC Board created a Pre-war project team to enhance the pre-war section of the club.  As at April 2012, club members owned approximately 63 pre-war Armstrong Siddeley cars.  There are also many pre-war AS cars in Australia whose owners are not members of the club.  Our thanks to Andrew Hyden for undertaking the major task of locating and contacting many of these non-members – and as a result we are now compiling a register of member and non-member owned pre-war cars in Australia.   One of our goals is to discover more cars and maintain contact with owners of these cars, regardless of membership status.

Other activities to support the owners of these wonderful vehicles are summarised below:

A survey of pre-war owning members was held earlier this year to clarify members’ expectations from the club. The passion of owners was again demonstrated by a response rate to date of over 60%! Our thanks to Barbara Pennington for assisting in the drafting of the survey questions and processing the survey results.

Our hard working spares officer Geoff Tuckwell is researching ways to better support pre-warcar owners with spare parts and is reviewing our inventory of pre-war parts.This is a large task , which should be available on the web page soon. As a result of the work of Robin Gibb, the club is able to supply water pumps for at least some of the crash box 14 hp cars and the club is considering having replacement castings made for other pre-warArmstrong Siddeley  cars.

The Southern Sphinx will continue to contain pre-war passion articles. 

Check out the Classifieds for a 1929 20hp for sale.

Read some more about the history of pre-war Armstrong Siddeley cars.

If you have any questions regarding the pre-war cars please do not hesitate to Email or call (02 4356 1788) me.

John Graham.

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