The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club

Armstrong Siddeley Restorations

There are always one or more of our members currently restoring or repairing their Armstrong Siddeley.

For those contemplating a restoration, you may be pleasantly surprised at the ease with which spare parts can be obtained. Couple this with access to Model Specialists within the club and the availability of workshop manuals and restoration guides for almost every model and the purchase and restoration of an Armstrong Siddeley that you've always wanted to undertake might be not so daunting as you may have imagined.

Restoration Projects

Spare Parts

Armstrong Siddeley Spares Australia is the spare parts arm of the Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia

Service Providers

A list of service providers for Armstrong Siddeley vehicles that have been found to be useful contacts by various members. Please note that the ASCC neither endorses nor recommends any of these suppliers.

Articles and Tips

  • Preparing a 346 or Star Sapphire for use as a daily driver
  • Maintenance of Utility door hinges
  • A reference spreadsheet lists all all Technical Articles published in the Southern Sphinx and a selection of technical articles taken from the UK Sphinx. The link will take you to the file on DropBox, where you can view it or, using the icon at top right, download a copy to your own computer to open in Excel. Use the 'Back' button in your web browser to return here when done.

Model Contacts

The following ASCC members have agreed to act as Model Contacts for various groups of Siddeleys. None of them claim to be "experts" and some of them also have considerable experience in other models as well. They have generously offered their knowledge and time to assist members with technical and other queries and they should be considered as the first point of contact. Please make allowance for the differing time-zones in various States in which they live when planning to contact any of these members.

Pre-War John Graham (02) 4356 1788
Post-War 16/18HP Sandy Cameron 0411 285 211
346 Sapphires Graham Carson  (03) 5728 7264
234/236 Sapphires Andrew Clearwater (02) 6286 6260
Star Sapphires David Armstrong (08)8281 8093
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