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Advertising and posters

Advertising and Posters

Armstrong Siddeley advert from The Autocar, June 1930

This Armstrong Siddeley advertisment from The Autocar, June 27th 1930 focused on the affordability of the 12HP 6-cylinder saloon for £ 295, the car's economy and it's ease of maintenance.

Armstrong Siddeley advert from The Motor, February 1954 This 1954 ad in the February 3rd edition of The Motor featured the RAC Chalenge Trophy awards won by Mike Couper's Sapphire for the best equipped car placed highest in the rally and also for the best equipped car for road safety.
Armstrong Siddeley advert from an unknown publication This c1945 advert draws on the company's wartime aircraft industry skills for the introduction of its new postwar models.
Armstrong Siddeley advert A well designed c1947 poster showing the wares of the Hawker Siddeley Group.
Armstrong Siddeley advert for the Sapphire c1958 An interesting c1958 poster that splits the car's features into "for him" and "for her" attributes. You perhaps need to be a judge or a high salaried businessman to be able to afford one.

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Advertising and posters
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